Reducing power consumption

Hi Leapers,

as we want to use the ML2 on a conference - is there a way to reduce the power
consumption while the device is not on a head? Like - turning of the Unity Camera,
setting the Application.targetframerate to 30, etc. - or a C# like :slight_smile:

What would be the best way to detect, if the device is currently on a head?
I assume checking for any eye movement needs some extra power, too?
Is there a better way to see if it's currently in use?

Hi @pepone ,

Some power management updates were released in the December OS release (1.1.0-dev2) and are available in the current release. You can reference the release notes here.

Inside the Settings application you can now enable Controller and Compute pack standby which reduces power consumption when the device is idle.

image (5)
image (4)

I updated to OS 1.1.0 and activated the compute pack standby in the settings -
but it seems like it never starts if put the device aside.
What happen, if I take it off my head and put it on the table? "Standy" was meant
after some time the lightful projection in the glasses is turned off, or is the Compute pack
just running slower? Running my Unity project the fan seems to get a bit slower after
some time, but the Compute pack never turns off the projection and goes in some kind
of "Standby" (neither if I just run the ML2 main menu and put the glasses aside)

@pepone we are constantly improving our power management. Currently standby decreases power consumption by disabling some external sensors and dimming the display when no content is visible. That said, in the future you will notice a behavior similar to the one you described. Keep an eye out for more information in future OS release notes.

so - is there any difference, if I (as example) - disable the camera in Unity and make the screen ?. I already tried setting Application.framerate to a lower framerate, but you seem to overwrite that parameter to the highest performance possible :slight_smile: Or - can I stop scanning the environment via C# - cause I will use a marker to start reorientation after the standby... or make the device routines just executed not every frame? (Your comment sounds like you do that already)

The upcoming changes will be implemented at the system level and cannot be replicated using the Unity API.

You are correct. Disabling certain features, such as marker tracking, would improve battery life since the the application would require less resources to run.