Recommended Player Rendering settings

I am wondering if anyone has insight into some of the different settings related to rendering in Unity's Player Settings. More specifically, I am thinking of the settings Multithreaded Rendering, GPU Compute Skinning and Graphics Jobs (Experimental). Are there any recommendations regarding those settings?
Kind regards, Jakob


Unity has a great overview of graphics optimization. Section 4 might be interesting:

A valuable discussion about Multithreaded Rendering and Graphics Jobs and the possibility of enabling both:

GPU Compute skinning allows the deformation calculation on skinned meshes with bones to be done by compute shaders on the GPU instead of the CPU. This may or may not be beneficial depending on your application.

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Graphics jobs might cause issues when building the application to our device due to it's experimental nature. However, we do recommend enabling Multithreaded Rendering. In my test, enabling this feature improved the performance of the sample MRTK example project.

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Thank you for your replies :slight_smile: