Questions about camera intrinsics

hello. I am developing a Magic Leap app using Unreal.

The Camera Intrinsic value (3x3 matrix) of the main camera is required. How can I get the value?

I checked the MagicLeapCamera plug-in source, but I couldn't find the Camera Intrinsic value.

Is it possible to get the Camera Intrinsic value using adb?

I'm not sure i understand. Are you referring to the RGB Camera on the front of the Magic Leap 2 device, or the camera in the Unreal Engine scene that renders the content?

If you are referring to the RGB Camera, you cannot access the intrinsic values using ADB. Magic Leap 2 is compatible with the standard Android Camera NDK . If you are creating a a native plugin you can obtain the intrinsic from Android's Capture Complete callback.

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Thank you for answer.
The camera is Magic Leap's RGB camera.
You mean to get the value using the Android API, right?
I'll give it a try. thank you