Pushing buttons using hand tracking in system menu feels awkward

When I use my hands (and not the controller) to push buttons in the system menu, I have the impression the dot indicating the point of interaction follows the distal joint of my index finger rather than it's tip (see image)

and consequently, I feel like I have to poke my 'through' the button rather than that I press it. Interestingly, when I write an MRTK3 based OpenXR app, the circle indicating the interaction point actually is on the finger tip, and the buttons respond when I press them with my finger tip as I would expect from a real button

Is this by design, or a bug?

  • Unity 2022.2.32f1
  • OS 1.7.0
  • Development on Windows.
  • Using OpenXR
  • SDK 2.2.0
  • com.magicleap.mrtk3: 1.0.0
  • Latest MRKT3

We have bubbled up your feedback / issue to the voice of customer team so it can be shared with the team that works on our home menu.

Note, we are working on improving hand tracking inside the home menu in our next OS release so it might be resolved next month. Never the less, we will make sure that the OS team is aware of the feedback.

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