Occlusion based on the map (Aug 29)

Hello, I've noticed that the occlusion example on the Magic Leap 2 official website showcases real-time occlusion, which has limitations. I'm looking for improved functionality where occlusion begins working without needing to approach a wall for detection (for example, I need to move closer to the wall to make sure the wall is detected before the occlusion starts working). Many applications require immediate occlusion upon opening, similar to how other devices like HoloLens implement map-based occlusion. It is very inconvenient if this feature is missing. Could you please provide information about the potential addition of this feature in the near future? Thank you.

Hi @ineedhelpty,

We have a feedback ticket in the works for this issue and we will update you on future content related to this feature. Is this issue a blocker for you at the current moment?



Yes, this is a blocker to the application our team is trying to build. It would be great if this function can be released soon