Native ML2 api for retrieving currently installed OS version

Dear Magic Leap team,

Is there a Magic Leap API call for retrieving the currently installed Magic Leap 2 OS version?
So, our app is able to check which version of the ML2 OS is installed.

I just found a MLGetVersion() and MLGetVersion(), which returns version for ML2 SDK.
Is there a similar call for getting the OS version?


ML2 OS version: 1.4.0-dev1
MLSDK version: 1.3.0-dev2
Host OS: macOS

Are you trying to query the OS level to determine certain functionality inside your application? To do this you could use the MLPlatformGetAPILevel in the ml_platform.h :ml_platform.h | MagicLeap Developer Documentation

This function will return the API level supported by the device

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Yes. Thanks that's working!