MRTK3 eye gaze issues in ML2

Hey all, I'm developing a unity project intended for ML2 with the MRTK3.
When setting up the project I have followed the steps listed here:

I use various MRTK3 UI components with eye gaze. I followed some tutorials about eye tracking and the problem is that all of them only work with head gaze and not eye gaze.
I read that head gaze is only enabled in MRTK3 when eye gaze setup is invalid, is it true?
What else can be the problem with my project?

Worth mentioning:

  • All of the needed the magic leap permissions are enabled in projects settings.
  • Eye gaze doesn't work in MRTK3 example scenes as well, leading me to believe it's a project related problem.

Unity Editor version: 2022.3.16f1
ML2 OS version:1.4.0-dev2
Unity SDK version: 1.12
Host OS: Windows

Have you ran through the device eye calibration step. If the eye is not tracking well MRTK may default to the default ray logic that is based off of the User's head position.

Additionally, have you enabled and requested Eye Tracking Permissions?

Hey @kbabilinski
Thank you for the replay. Yes, I have done the device eye calibration and all Tracked permissions are checked.

Was the permission requested when the app was first launched? Do you mind verifying that the permission is active inside the Permission Manager in System Settings?

Alternatively, you can try building the Magic Leap MRTK 3 Template Project that has been preconfigured for our device.

I deleted the app, built it from unity and installed it again and as you said it really didn't ask for the eye tracking permission when activating it for the first time on the device.

these are the magic leap permissions:

and these are the MRTK3 tracked permissions:
Should I check "Auto request dangerous permissions"?

Yes. You need to enable auto request dangerous permissions in the mrtk 3 magic leap settings.

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Eye gaze now works perfectly, thanks!