MRTK sticky cursor

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Unity Editor version: 2022.2.0f1
ML2 OS version: B3E230330.11-R.023
MLSDK version: 1.4.0
Host OS: Windows
MRTK 2.8.2

I'm getting a strange behavior fairly often in my app. The cursor will get stuck and then moving the controller, there's a bendy connection to the cursor stuck where it is. Then if I click, it sticks to a new place. It makes it very hard to navigate the interface and can only be fixed by restarting the app and hoping for the best.

I haven't found any documentation of similar issues and I wonder if updating might help or if this is still outstanding?

Hi @logan, looking into this now. I'll report back asap.

@logan Can you please verify your canvas objects have the Canvas Utility script attached to them. This script handles the behavior of the sticky pointer. Without it, it might be getting stuck in an unexpected state.

I checked through and did the convert to mrtk and checked that they had canvas utility, then still reproduced it.

Reproduced with android logcat running. Does this help?

com.ArgyleInc.ArgyleBeta-logcat.txt (294.7 KB)