ML Hub not showing any OS update


My colleague ML2 device which was a replacement sent out to uss as the previous one was faulty does not seem to be able to update the OS. When plugged in, the PC recognises it fine and adb devices shows the device serial however in the device bridge somehow it keeps showing the device has 0% charge which isn't as it is fully charged and device bridge does not automatically show the OS update available, similar to how it normally does on our other devices and somehow the OS installer page is no longer available either.

The device bridge is not even showing any device info such as the current OS version, cpu, etc etc. but is able to recognise the serial number though

The current OS version is B3E.220619.07-R.124 and right there is no way to actually trigger an OS update via the device bridge.

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Ok so it was an issue with ML hub. I uninstalled and installed back which seem to have fixed it.


Thank you for your update @jc1

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