Update magic leap wirelessly

My company received a test model of ML2, however, it seems it is missing the hub component, I am currently using my own 45 watt charger to charge it, and connect wirelessly,

is there a way to update the OS image using Device Bridge and upload it through the wireless connection?

I am trying to do so, because probably my OS image is old according to the answers on this question


The ML Hub is software that can be downloaded here. You must update the OS via a wired connection using a USB-C cable using the ML Hub software.

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I think it is better switch to this thread, since it is more specific.

I am using the HUB, but as I mentioned on the other thread, connecting a USB cable seems to do nothing on my PC, no notification of any kind. The ML2 says incompatible charger.

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Please read through more of our documentation and ensure your USB-C cable can provide power AND data. Some cables are just for charging.

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Yes, I was using a USB-C cable that allows connection + charging.
The magic leap was updated, using another laptop, after updating it it now automatically connects to my laptop (which previously didn't connect to). The problem was solved thanks.

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