MagicLeapSDKUtil.cs BuildTarget' does not contain a definition for 'Relish unity 2021.3.11f1

just bought magic leap 2 and following the directions on the site i import the package

and then i get the error
C:\Users\meta\MagicLeap\tools\unity\v0.53.3\com.magicleap.unitysdk\Editor\MagicLeapSDKUtil.cs(24,74): error CS0117: 'BuildTarget' does not contain a definition for 'Relish'

also i cannot continue the steps because in unity preferences i do not see
External Tools > Magic Leap

unity 2021.3.11f1

Unity Editor version:
ML2 OS version:
MLSDK version:
Host OS: (Windows/MacOS)

Error messages from logs (syntax-highlighting is supported via Markdown):

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Hi @juan.suero.robotics ,

You need to be using Unity editor version 2022.2.0b4 or higher, only the beta versions currently support the Magic Leap 2 SDK.

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yes thank you i did do that and it worked

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