High Quality Video Capture

Hello guys,

I have a general question about recording videos on the ML2 Device.
The audio and video quality seem very good when rewatching the recording on the ML2 Device, however after downloading it from the ML-Hub the framerate drops significantly (even looks worse than 30FPS imo).

When will high quality recording be available, since it is important feature for marketing etc.

Thanks in advance!

@BatuOx4S do you mind providing more information? Which OS version are you using? Are there any reproduction steps we can follow? What device are you viewing the recording from, what video player are you using?

ML2 OS: 1.3.1

OS of my Enginnering PC is Windows 10.

To view the recordings I'm using the Media Player provided by Windows.

So it's basically about any recording coming from the ML2-Device.
The steps are like the following:

  1. Record a video on the ML2 Device
  2. Watch it on the ML2 Device to check if its okay (quality/frames etc. are good)
  3. Connect ML2 Device with Engineering PC - Magic Leap Hub
  4. Download the recording from ML2 Device to Engineering PC
  5. Open recording on Engineering PC -> recording has significantly low framerate

I hope this helps, thanks for the fast response

Edit: I think the fault is withing the Windows Media Player. After using a different video player the framrate seems as high as expected.

Thank you for the heads up. I have not been able to reproduce this issue when using the VLC media player. If you continue having issues with the video quality, please let us know.