Magic Leap Hub’s Device Stream Issue - Missing superimposition between holograms and reality

ML2 OS: 1.1.0
ML Hub: ML Hub Version
ML2 Unity SDK: 1.3.0
Device Stream settings: MR - 1080p - rtsps - 9:10 - UDP over Wi-Fi

It was not possible to achieve superimposition between holograms and reality while streaming ML2 content on ML Hub

Hi @filo.cino thank you for your post. It's best to post Device Stream error logs so we can better understand your issue.

Thanks for your quick reply @kdowney! I do not mean it happens in a specific confdition. I have never been able to exactly replicate the same reality-holograms superimposition I have on the glasses on the external monitor I am streaming on.
There is always the same offset due to the fact that the "extenal world" camera is not in the same place as my eyes are. Do you have thought about a software correction for the streamed holograms as for the HoloLens 2?

Specifying the stereo convergence point in Unity or the Focus point in a native app improves the camera alignment .

See the Unity guide here:

And the more general guide here: