Magic Leap Coordinate System for Unity Setting

Hi, I want to know how to reset the coordinate system of unity application on magic leap.

In my App, I have a panel located at (0, 2) for example. When I seating in a direction and start the App, it will show in front of me which is correct. However, when I rotate 180 degree and after I close the App and reopen it, the panel will be on my back.

Are there any way to reset the coordinate system in magic leap so it will still show in front of me after I rotate 180 degree? I don't want to move my panel in the Unity as I need to record the location of component on panel for measurement purpose. So, I want to make the coordinate of the panel constant in unity, but change the coordinate system itself.

If you are using the MLSDK version you can use the Magic Leap Camera Component and then enable, recenter application on start. In you are using OpenXR, you can try to change the tracking Origin mode. In OpenXR , you can also try placing it under the XR origin if the content needs to be relative to the start origin.