Low resolution of Remote Rendering

During our testing of official Remote Rendering for Magic Leap 2, we have notices some strange visual artifacts. We run StereoKit on PC as an OpenXR app. No matter what we adjusted (multi-sampling, resolution, ...) in StereoKit, the image in headset was atrocious. It seemed like very low resolution in combination with no anti-aliasing (nearest neighbor sampling). Any reasonably sized text was completely unreadable from ~2+ meters away.

Headset was connected through 5 GHz wifi with router just few meters away from headset with clear view. Connection is definitely not an issue. We are using the same network for remote rendering on HoloLens 2 and the same app (StereoKit running on PC) renders perfectly in HoloLens.

Everything was up-to-date (Hub, drivers, etc). We are new to whole Magic Leap ecosystem, so we might have done something wrong. But I can not think of anything. When StereoKit was running locally on Magic Leap 2, no visual artifact have been noticed.

Hi again Jaro!

Are you certain the issue was resolution, or did it look “strange” and bad in a different way?

I’m not familiar with stereo kit, but I would suspect the issue is actually a matter of if you submit a depth layer, which is important to get the best results for Remote Rendering:

If you need more help with getting information about what your app is currently submitting let me know, alternatively I can request some logs that will help us rule out networking issues (though it sounds like your setup should be fine)

I think the best description would be low resolution. Or even more precisely, upscaling from low resolution with nearest neighbour sampling since pixels were visible and relatively big with sharp "edges".

StereoKit definitely submits it's depth buffer to OpenXR using XR_KHR_composition_layer_depth extension. We have this tested on remote rendering for HoloLens 2

Hi Jaro,

I'm afraid this issue has us confused, and we haven't gotten any report like it in the past. The only guess right now is if the render scaling is somehow low, StereoKit/StereoKitC/xr_backends/openxr_view.cpp at cf91cd722da36e489c116c0dd8e7e558230e169e · StereoKit/StereoKit · GitHub SKSettings.renderScaling | StereoKit Documentation , ideally this should be set to 1.0

I wish I could have taken a screenshot/photo of this as I understand it is not easy to imagine it just from description like this one.

StereoKit exposes setting of render scale right in GUI. This undesirable effect was noticeable with render scale set to 1.0. When I changed it to values lower than 1, it got significantly worse. But increasing render scale to 2 (I believe that is the maximum, at least for setting this through GUI), it got barely any better. The effect I have described still remained visible.