In Simulator, ML MediaPlayer on play the video is not activated and an error returns

I tried using ML MediaPlayer by exporting it as Unity package from ML Exampes and making it work with ML Simulator.
Everything seems to work (I can activate the slider and press the buttons with the controller) but the video doesn't activate, and I get these errors:

Error: MLMediaPlayerCreate in the Magic Leap API failed. Reason: MLResult_NotImplemented
UnityEngine.XR.MagicLeap.MLMedia/Player:.ctor (UnityEngine.XR.MagicLeap.MLResult&)
MagicLeap.Core.MLMediaPlayerBehavior:get_MediaPlayer () (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.magicleap.unitysdk@21bb45ef0ebc/Runtime/APIs/MediaPlayer/Scripts/MLMediaPlayerBehavior.cs:83)
MagicLeap.Core.MLMediaPlayerBehavior:Play () (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.magicleap.unitysdk@21bb45ef0ebc/Runtime/APIs/MediaPlayer/Scripts/MLMediaPlayerBehavior.cs:359)
MagicLeap.Examples.MediaPlayerControls:PlayPause () (at Assets/MagicLeap/Examples/Scripts/MediaPlayer/Controls/MediaPlayerControls.cs:192)
MagicLeap.Examples.MediaPlayerPlayPauseButton:OnClick () (at Assets/MagicLeap/Examples/Scripts/MediaPlayer/Controls/UI/MediaPlayerPlayPauseButton.cs:46)
UnityEngine.XR.Interaction.Toolkit.UI.UIInputModule:Update () (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.unity.xr.interaction.toolkit@2.3.2/Runtime/UI/UIInputModule.cs:133)

Unity Editor version: 2022.2.20f1
MLSDK Version: 1.9.0
ML Hub version: 3.5.0
ML App Simulator for Unity : 3.6.0-193.zi4110027
Development OS : Windows 10 pro


ML Hub Version
Magic Leap Application Simulator Module Version
Magic Leap Application Simulator Runtime Version
Server: 3.6 (built Jul 6 2023), Protocol: 20
ZIF (bundled): Version
ZIF (runtime): Version

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Welcome to the Magic Leap 2 Developer Forums. We are very grateful to have you here engaging with us.

At this time, the MLMediaPlayer is not supported in editor / app sim. We will certainly inform you of any developments in the future, though.