"Improve Visual Stability"

In my project I know exactly, how far nearest and the farthest content is away...
That means I would write a script that sets the clipping planes of the ML2 camera to
near = half a meter infront and far half a meter behind that distance in each Update()
to get a better stabilization? Or do I have to push the data through MLGraphicsFrameParamsEx
in some way? Is there a sample script somewhere?


@pepone See the bottom of the page for a link to the unity section that provides more details and a sample script.

I find
MagicLeapCamera.StereoConvergencePoint = ConvergencePoint;
So that defines the "far clip" position?

It defines the focus point for the time warp algorithm. Please see the best practices document for more information on how the focus point is used to improve reprojection.