How do I create a new project?

I've successfully, launched the "hello_xr" project, but now I want to start from complete zero with minimum compilable project structure. How do I create empty native / OpenXR (?) project for Magic Leap 2.

Hello Ash,

Welcome to the MagicLeap forums! hello_xr is a fairly minimal application and would be a pretty good starting point for developing your own app.

Developing a native OpenXR application for MagicLeap 2 is very similar to other Android platforms.

If you'd like to bootstrap a new project from scratch, then you may want to go through the official OpenXR tutorial available at OpenXR Tutorial — OpenXR Tutorial documentation

Source code for the tutorial is available on github. Chapter 2 source should build for MagicLeap without modifications-

You may also find the reference guide from Khronos useful as a quick reference for understanding the structure and lifecycle of an OpenXR application-


Thank you for sharing the resources! Hope, my Android development experience is gonna help me with OpenXR. Please, let me know if there is something more, that I should know as a beginner before I start :slight_smile: