Eye Tracking in App simulation

Hi, I am new to the App simulation and magic leap 2, may I have some hints about why the Z value of vergence is opposite between it on Unity panel and it on the App simulation. Any hints are greatly appreciate.

@yanghouze The origin of the Application Simulator is not the same as the origin in Unity. This means that the player rig may have a rotation and transformation that causes the vergence point to have a negative value compared to Unity.

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Can I change the origin of the Aim simulation to solve this inconsistent, since I don't think doing transform and rotation is a good idea.

I'm not sure I understand. Currently, the origin in App simulator cannot be changed. Are you running into any issues reading the Unity values without referring to the values in Apps Sim?

No, I can read the value. I am just curious if we can use the data from Aim simulator to double check if my gaze position in unity is correct.

Thank you for the explanation. I submitted your request to our voice of customer team. However, at this time this workflow is not possible. If you run into any other issues please don't hesitate to reach out.

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