AR data collect problem

  1. What are the normal ranges for various fields collected by an eye tracker (e.g., Fixation Point, LeftEyePosition xyz)?
  2. Does the movement of AR glasses in space affect the data collected by the eye tracker, and if so, how should the data be normalized?
  3. How is the coordinate system of AR glasses determined, and is it related to the real-world coordinates at the time of startup?

The origin is determined by the XR Origin component. You can set the tracking origin. When set to Device, the origin is where the application started.

You can use the reference space feature to change the tracking origin mode: Reference Space Overview | MagicLeap Developer Documentation

For example unbound sets the origin as the point where the headset started tracking.

If you are using the XR workflow, the origin is where the headset began tracking by default but the Magic Leap camera component allows you to enable setting the origin where your application starts.

Regarding the origins for the data obtained. Each of these values is reported based off of the app origin. If using the XR workflow, I would recommend disabling the recentering on app start to make sure all of the values share the same origin point.