External Compute Unit

Since the compute unit is external to the headset core, any plans to offer upgraded compute units later? If I have a VR-ready PC, I guess I can't use that to accelerate the ML2 graphics since the toolchain is Android-based not Windows.

This question would probably be best-served with a nuanced response, so I'll do my best:

The cable that connects the Compute Pack to the Lightwear is permanently-affixed to both, meaning that disconnection is not possible, meaning further that an upgrade is not a likely scenario to expect.

However, it is a technical possibility to "boost" the graphical capabilities on the ML2 through the use of the Magic Leap App Simulator, which uses your host computer (development machine)'s capabilities to "pipe" the graphics straight to the headset via (, for example) the "Play" button in Unity.

This also seems like a case for future NVIDIA Omniverse support, which we are currently working on. This integration would mean that a host machine would not be required and the Compute Pack's current limitations as a mobile chipset can be ignored.

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Ah, so there is a way to drive the headset from a PC. Cool!

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