Disabling Green Dot When Recording Audio

We've recently added an audio recording capability to an application we're developing, and noticed it shows a green dot on the screen while recording is active.

Is there any way to disable this, or is it a low level overlay added by the operating system when recording audio and there's no way around it?

We just had a few people demoing the app call it out as potentially distracting, so I was wondering if it was something that could be toggled off.


Currently there is not a way to disable the privacy status indicators, you can read up a little more on what they are here Magic Leap 2 Devices

I would love to take any feedback you have on the distraction so I can take it back to our org if you feel like sharing that with us to see if anything can be done there.

It makes sense why the privacy status indicators are there. It feels like they are more prominent on ML2 vs ML1. I believe on the ML1 when recording audio the indicator was red and a bit higher up and thus out of the way during app use.

Perhaps just making the indicators a little more discreet would be the feedback (less prominent color and/or a position change for where they're displayed in the UI).

Thanks for taking this feedback to the team!