Device Flashing Warning Notice

Please Read the Following


Relating to the barcode beginning in "P/N":

If your device's part number is either "M90AA004_RA, M90AA004_RC, M90AA004_RD, M90AB004_RD, or M90AC004_RD," you have a Secure device. Otherwise, your device is Unsecure.

Installing unsupported versions of Magic Leap OS can cause your device to fail to boot.

From The Lab, download the following OSes:

For Secure devices, install "B3E.220721.07-R.027_user_secure."

For Unsecure devices, install "B3E.220721.07-R.027_user."


This has been "resolved' by disallowing flashing over the command line and inputting stricter enforcement in the ML Hub's OS installer.

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