Updating ML2 OS

Hi, could you please clarify some things regarding updating the OS.

The documentation clearly states that you should update in a linear fashion which I understand to mean installing every version from the version you have to the latest. Is this really the case? The ML Hub OS Installer is quite happy to let you install the latest version, jumping previous versions.

Since V1.0.0 the 'B3E' version numbers are not shown in the ML Hub OS Installer drop down list of available versions so how do you know which version you have?

So for example if I have a headset with 1.0.0 (B3E-220818.12-R.046_user_secure) would I be expected to install all the OS's in this order?
i.e. 5 updates?

I'm also confused about the whole Secure/Unsecure difference. The Part Number on my headset says it's an Unsecure (as the part number ends in 'RG' but ML Hub only lets me install the Secure versions.


Hi @gary , thank you for your post. You identified an area we need to update our documentation from our earlier Early Access Program days.

First, I verified RG is a secure build, which we need to fix on our public page.

Second, our new policy is to be able to update N Release +4. So you can go from 1.0.0 to 1.4.0 (we're currently releasing 1.2.0 later this month) so that's why you can jump previous versions.

Finally, I'm today adding the Build Numbers to the Monthly releases here: MagicLeap Developer Documentation

We'll get that documentation updated.

If you have specific questions to your device, I'm happy to answer anything you need at developer@magicleap.com.

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Thanks for the update and for checking RG is a secure build which makes sense. BTW the information about doing all the updates is also shown in the Package Manager.