Controller wakes up from sleep without 6DoF

OS: B3E.220619.07-R.124_128

Controller goes to sleep after sitting on a table for ~3 minutes even after running
adb shell svc power stayon true
and fails to come back fully functional sometimes.

After holding the home button to power back on after sleep, sometimes both of the following occur:

  1. There is no 6DoF rotation or position tracking.
  2. Only touchpad and home seem to work.


  1. Power cycle controller.


  1. Sometimes the power cycle workaround doesn't bring back 6DoF + other input, requiring a reboot of beltpack.
  2. Sometimes control comes back in a bad state where there's a low fps of input, and input while in between active frames are dropped.

We are observing a similar issue: the Control goes to sleep fairly aggressively if left idle on a desk. We have to kill our app, wake up the Control while in the main menu, and then restart our app to rediscover the laser pointer, specifically; other Control inputs work upon awake, but the beam only works if starting fresh.

The first "want" is to simply be able to change the sleep timeout on the Control: we would like to prevent it from ever going to sleep.

The second "want" is to understand how to re-engage with the fully functional Control from within the game runtime, including the beam, if it falls asleep and is awoken, without leaving the game. We are using Unity+MRTK.

Thank you.

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@steven.baeringer Can you try holding your controller so it is visible to the Magic Leap after waking it from sleep. Some users reported a longer than expected wait time for the controller to regain tracking after being powered on. If you are unable to regain tracking can you submit an adb bugreport so we can investigate this further?

@cstavros Thank you for reporting this. We will investigate this issue and make sure the controller initializes correctly when using MRTK

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Hey @kbabilinski ,

For the first troubleshooting tip (look at control after waking up), it would take more than 1-2 minutes, so it must be something else, and I can get you a bugreport tomorrow.

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Thank you; for color: even after waking the Control up @ the main menu, it takes about another 10s for the pointer ray (laser) to show up and waiving the Control around does help. We also have to do that step before restarting the app or that raycast does not work in-app (it must be active and visible before the app starts).

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@steven.baeringer , did you have the bugreport for us?

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Today I left 4 setups running and reproduced the no 6DoF on powering on after sleep.

I'm messaging Krystian with the bugreport since it is 74mb and the forum max upload is 30mb.


@steven.baeringer and @sengelman We are experiencing this issue as well, and can also confirm what @cstavros describes works to get the controller functioning correctly.

Is there a setting to prevent the controller from going to sleep so quickly? I

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@steven.baeringer @cstavros - in tracking this to root cause with the engineering team, we believe this has been fixed by the latest release. When you have a chance to update, if you are still seeing the issue please do provide a new bugreport log and we'll dig back in. Thanks!

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