Clarification on ML Permissions

Getting errors related to MLZIPermissionGranted when requesting SpatialMapping permission in editor.
Trying to run in editor without zero iteration.

How exactly are permissions handled when running in the editor with vs without ZI and compared to on the device?

Unity Editor version:
MLSDK version:
MRTK version:
Error messages from logs

Error: MLZIPermissionsIsGranted in the Magic Leap API failed. Reason: MLResult_UnspecifiedFailure 
UnityEngine.XR.MagicLeap.MLPermissions:RequestPermission (string,UnityEngine.XR.MagicLeap.MLPermissions/Callbacks)
PlaneExample:Start () (at Assets/MagicLeap Examples/Examples/Scripts/PlaneExample.cs:42)
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Is this persisting in the newest SDK we just launched?

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Haven't seen this issue in a while after updating to 0.53.3 so would guess it has been fixed

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Acutally, with the most recent SDK we still get errors when calling;


Of course we could just ifdef us out of it in the editor.

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