Cannot launch adb from The Lab 2.0 on Mac even with perms set correclty

Opening adb from The Lab 2.0 on Mac OS Monterey fails even with permissions set for Terminal as indicated in warning message.

Error is:
Open CLI Failed
Failed to open CLI at /Users/clstavros/MagicLeap/mlsdk/v0.53.1

  • Failed to open terminal with exit code 1
    22:120: execution error: Not authorized to send Apple events to Terminal. (-1743)

Verify that The Lab has permission to run scripts.
See Security & Privacy > Privacy > Automation and be sure The Lab 2.0 is allowed to control Terminal.

The perms are set as prescribed.

Thank you.

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Hi Chris,

Can you try uninstalling, and reinstalling The Lab and letting us know if the problem persists ?

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Sure; we'll give that a shot and report back. Thank you.

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@cstavros , following up. How'd this feedback fare?

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Closing thread due to inactivity. Thanks for stopping by!

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