ARRaycast in Unity with Application Simulator not working - missing subsystem

Unity Editor version: 2022.2.0b
MLSDK version: 1.5
Host OS: (Windows/MacOS)

I have noticed that when I try to use ARRaycasting in the AppSim while running a Unity Project I get the following warning: "No active UnityEngine.XR.ARSubsystems.XRRaycastSubsystem is available. Please ensure that a valid loader configuration exists in the XR project settings."

Upon inspection it turned out that raycasting seems to be the only subsystem not recognized by the
XRLoaderHelper. There seems to be a missmatch between intended types and id. The values are MagicLeap-Raycast vs MagicLeapXr-Raycast . Is that a typo or are you not adding raycasting on purpose?

Hi @NomtekDev sorry for the delayed response. I've reported the question/issue to our sdk team and will update you when I get more information.

Thank you for your patience. This is now being actively worked on by our engineering team. I will ping the thread once the fix is made available.

For the time being, please use the Physics Raycaster instead.

I am unable to use the ARRaycastmanager.Raycast in the Magic leap 2 . Although the planes are being detected the ARManager.raycast always give false. Any Idea as to why?