Ar-brochure app tutorial

Hi, i'm a beginner and want to ask if it's possible to get the source from the ar-brochure app to see how it's made it :frowning:

Hi @PHartung Thanks for your post. I'm not able to share the source code of AR Brochure, but as a beginner I recommend you start with our guide to get you up and running with Unity on our developer portal. Best of luck in your AR journey.

@PHartung is there any specific functionality you're looking to emulate? The SDK has a lot of great samples and we even host a few completely open sourced apps such as Leap Brush on our public github GitHub - magicleap/LeapBrush: Magic Leap 2's AR Cloud reference application for Unity that lets you draw in AR with other ML2 devices.

i made everything like in teh tutorial but i get always the alert
"Resource 'style/BaseUnityGameActivityTheme' not found in AndroidManifest.xml:94,"

Also if i did the "Unity Project"
Unity project

I haven't personally run into that error yet, I would definitely double check the steps you did getting your environment set up but there is also a pretty slick integration in the asset store that can get your project set up here Magic Leap Setup Tool | Integration | Unity Asset Store

If you're still having issues after rechecking your steps and trying the setup tool please let us know.