XR Interactable not interactable

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Hi there,

I am following the tutorial line by line to create an XR Grab Interactable cube but no matter what I seem to do the cube doesn't seem to be grabeable. Additionally the hover settings also do not seem to change.

What can I provide to help make this work.

Unity Editor version: 2022.3.17f
ML2 OS version: 17.0
Unity SDK version: 2.2.0
Host OS: (MacOS)

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Hi there,

Which tutorial did you follow that didn't work for you?

Hi @dilmer!

I am referencing the Magic Leap Examples from the SDK, as well as the grab interactable walk through in the documentation.

Although I use the default RIG and action inputs from the SDK 2.2.0 the select actions do not work to grab the Interactables.

Please let me know which screenshots are best to share.