Where can I find Kali Enterprise Demo & Kali Gimbal apps?

I had Kali Enterprise Demo initially but after a system update it is gone. From what I've read they both should come with the OS?

Hi Jay.
The Kali Enterprise Demo is being retired. However, we have a few other demo APKs that we can provide.

How can I get an APK that can provide that?

That would be great, will you post here?

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bumping this request, hungry for demo content!

I sent you a link to an e-share with some of our demos


@sgoto Thanks for sharing. All applications worked properly. I would like to share videos of this application in action on social networking sites, etc. Can I share videos of the application in action from my social networking account?

Hello! Could you forward me the .apk for the demo as well?

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Hi, I asked about demo sample apps from the customer care centre but was told ML did not have any which according to this thread that information I was given seem to have been false.

Can I also get sample apk shared to me pretty please????