Vuforia and AR Foundation don't work together

Hey all,

I've a hard time to get ARFoundation and Vuforia working together for ML2. I'm currently porting the app that works on Android / iOS (developed in Unity), but for some reason I kept getting VuforiaApplication not being initialised.

I dug deeper and was stripping the code to the essentials and eventually I've found out that the moment I get rid of ARFoundation components (like AR Session etc) Vuforia starts working (I've a green light during the app run and all the Vuforia events fire. The moment I add ARSession component back.. Vuforia is not getting initialised.. I'm out of clues.

I've noticed that examples that are in the Unity Asset Store for Vuforia and ML2 are not using ARFoundation, hence they're working just fine. I've tried dropping ARSession there to see what happens, and then it does not work - Vuforia doesn't initialise then.


I've found this: Vuforia Engine and AR Foundation | VuforiaLibrary

UWP Tablets, HoloLens, and Magic Leap devices are not supported for this cross-platform integration.

Does it mean I can't use Vuforia and ARFoundation within ML2 projects?

Hi @rafal.legiedz Correct, the cross-platform integration is not supported on Magic Leap currently. You may need to reach out to PTC for more information on Vuforia Engine.