View broken when I activate "Force Multipass"

Unity Editor 2022.3.8f1:
ML2 OS 1.5.0:
Unity SDK 2.0.0:

When I activate "Force Multipass" in the Magic Leap settings the view in the glasses looks all destroyed. Like a static mixed colored image.
Here a screenshot from the device stream:

Any idea? Thanks.

Hi @steoberg,

Welcome back to the Magic Leap 2 Forums. We are so grateful to have you here engaging with us. Are you using any shaders that require multi-pass rendering?




thanks for the reply. I want to use the FMETP streaming plugin. For that I need multipass turned on.

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Are you using the Segmented Dimmer Render Feature in your application? Can you try disabling this feature and rebuilding? Additionally, do you mind providing the logs recorded when this graphics bug occurs ?

Thanks, it looks like it's solved. After I switched from the Magic Leap SDK to OpenXR and turned on Multipass there everything looks good.

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