Using ML One with ML2 in one space


I built a scene in the Create function of the Magic Leap 1 and was hoping to share this Created space with the Magic Leap 2 so that both headsets could interact in the same "world".

Would this be possible?

Hi @x11,

Do you mean you used the "Create" application on the Magic Leap 1? There is not a version of Create for Magic Leap 2 so it is not going to be possible for the two to interact.

If you are interested in building your own networked multiplayer application in Unity, you can use something like Photon to build an application for the ML1 and ML2 and have them interact via Photon's servers.

Hi @kvlasova,

The intention is to run a client through a physiological assessment in the VRSpace and for the assessor to see the client's actions in realtime.

Are there any alternatives to the Create that operates on both the ML1 and ML2 easily?

I understand you mentioned Photon! Thank you for this recommendation - on the website under the tiers they mention in red letters : GAMES ONLY, I am not sure whether my use case falls under this category.

@x11 , "Games only" — you don't need to take that definition as denoting something "interactive, for the purpose of play." @kvlasova 's reference to Photon Engine is only introducing the idea of networking. All experiences, going all the way back to DOOM (and even prior) require some networking layer.

Giving specific instructions on implementing a networked experience, in or out of Unity will be beyond the scope of this Forum. We can, however, give recommendations on known-working network stacks. There will be many tutorials out there that can get you going. Basically, start with our Unity Examples (found in the ML Hub), then follow some tutorials online for getting an experience ("game") networked, probably with Photon.