Step 10 of Create a Shared Reference in Building Multi-User ML2 applications with Photon Fusion

In the following instructions, "10. Save the scene and hit Play to test the scene in Desktop mode. You will be able to click and drag the controller for the headset inside the Game Window." It says to move the Headset or Controller with the mouse, but how is this done? I don't even know what I want to check here in the first place.

Below is a video of the program as set up and running on Unity.

Unity Editor version : 2022.3.11f1
ML2 OS version :1.4.0-dev2
MLSDK version :1.4.0-dev2 (Unity Package 1.11.0)
Host OS : (Windows/MacOS) Windows11
Photon Fusion : Fusion SDK 1.1.8 F Build 725

Also, there is a difference between what I have set up and the picture of the setup in the description if I have set it up as described.

Hi @tokufxug,
It looks like you're trying to setup a new scene. Please make sure that the generic rig is assigned in the rig selection script.

@ababilinski What is generic rig?
I have the same settings as RigSelection: on the following page.

It says to set up Magic Leap Rig and Desktop Rig, no mention of generic rig.

Sorry, for the confusion. the Desktop Rig is the Generic Rig.

The code is setup to use the Magic Leap Rig if App Simulator is enabled or if the Build platform is set to Android. To use the Desktop Rig in the editor, you have to make the following change to the RigSelector's Awake() method:

        private void Awake()

            if (MagicLeapXrProvider.IsZIRunning || !Application.isEditor)

The script will now only use the Magic Leap Rig when ZI is enabled or when the application is not running in the editor.

I the next update I will make sure to improve the rig selection conditions and add the information to the guide.

Desktop Rig is working without that implementation. In the meantime, I will share a video of it working after modifying it as per the proposed fix.

Back to the beginning of the story, what should I check? Too much explanation is missing.

Hi @tokufxug, that steps is to check that the ray is moving with your controller and that you can use the WASD keys to move around. If you add a grabbable cube to the scene, you will be able to pick it up with the left mouse button.

Did you add the network rig into the scene? The headset and controller model shouldn't be visible to the local player.

The project is highly based off of the Photon Fusion Shared VR project. I recommend checking it out if you want to learn more about the interactables and desktop rig scripts: VR Shared | Photon Engine

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I feel the document is not informative enough. The fact that there is information that you have to post in the forum to get it out is not quite good in itself.

Thank you for your feedback, we are working to improve the document and project to improve it's ease of use for people who are new to photon fusion.