Replacement for Deprecated XR Interaction Toolkit inputs?


  • the ML SDK Unity Package (v1.12.1),
  • the Magic Leap Examples project and
  • the example app in the Unity Getting Started Tutorial,
    the Game Controller prefab in the XR Rig prefab gets Position, Rotation and Selection Action inputs from the Packages\com.magicleap.unitysdk\Runtime\Deprecated\MagicLeapInputs.cs script.
    But that script is in a folder named "Deprecated". Is there a newer/preferred way to feed tracking and selection data into the Controller GameObjects in the XR Rig?


Hi @sharif.razzaque

These inputs are considered depreciated because we will be updating the structure of the SDK to include the Inputs inside the Magic Leap SDK Package Samples, which you will be able to import separately from the Package Manager.

This change is being made to encourage developers to create their own Input Action Assets and take advantage of the Unity Input System.