Controller orientation and AR Anchors

I am facing issue aligning the virtual
and physical controller using unity Open xr rig.
Replacing the default controller prefab with ml prefab results in misalignment.
Default controller prefab has transform of (0,0,-0.05)

Another issue is world AR anchor where the stabilization is not smooth as in quest 3.
I am using AR Anchor to position the object in spatial world.

Do I need to use MLSpatialAnchors?

The application is cross platform and all works well meta quest 3 including hand tracking.

I am using XRI Default input asset modifying for Magic leap.

Give us as much detail as possible regarding the issue you're experiencing.

Unity Editor version:
ML2 OS version:
MLSDK version:
Host OS: (Windows/MacOS)

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Do you mind creating two separate posts for the two issues you've mentioned?

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Regarding the offset, this could be due to the change on how the device position and device rotation is being reported. Here is a link to a guide that shows the location values.

That said, we are working on resolving this in a future version of the Unity SDK. Note, you can download a nicer looking model from the developer portal , select 3D assets on the top row to find the controller, compute pack and headset models: Magic Leap