Recording issue


I am experiencing an issue when recording a video with the ML2 device. A flip shadow appears in the recorded video, but when running the Unity application on the device, it looks smooth. I have attached an image that illustrates this behavior. Here is the image:

I have ensured that all the rendering parameters are set up correctly based on the Magic Leap Project Setup tool asset from Unity.

I came across a previous forum topic (Occlusion shaders rendering black in video recordings - #7 by javier) where user @pepone mentioned experiencing a similar issue. They suggested a solution of changing the depth texture parameter to "off," which worked for them. However, in my case, it did not resolve the issue.

I am wondering if anyone else has encountered a similar problem and if there are any other ideas or solutions to fix this issue.

Unity version: 2022.2.0f1
ML2 OS version: 1.2

Hi Esangeni,
had a lot of stress with this issue and couldn not really find out what causes it.
Today I tried the Unity version 2022.2.21f and the shadow seems to be gone...
(Not sure if you want to update your project to the latest Unity-build :face_with_peeking_eye:)
My Device is on, had the trouble with 1.2.0 and 1.3.0 up to Unity 2022.2.1f

Thanks @pepone for your assistance, it looks like the issue came from the Unity version and not the ML2 OS.

I upgraded the Unity version to 2022.2.21 and it seems to be working even though my device is on 1.2.0.