Black outline and tinted transparent materials in the recorded video

Hi everyone

I know there's an option to record separately background video and AR content (not at the same time) and all together. But I'm not satisfied with the result as the transparency works basically just by adding black tint to materials. And all the elements have black outline. Please see attached images. Is there any chance we will be able to record either background & AR separately but simultaneously so these two videos can be composed into one with screen effect applied (will remove black from AR layer and get closer to what it looks like through the headset. And this also will help eliminate the shift of the AR layer.
The second option would be to apply "screen" blending mode to the AR layer when recording combined video from the device. Let me know please what do you think.

Yep hoping to get this fixed:

But an even bigger issue that is related to this, is that occlusion shaders render dark and ruin the whole footage.

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