Questions about anchors

Hello, I'm using unreal engine.

Can I use Magic Leap 2's anchors in Unreal?

There is only a Unity sample project in the document.

If it is possible to use anchors in unreal please tell me how.

Thank you.

Hi @bjinsu,

Welcome to the Magic Leap 2 Developer Forums. We are so grateful to have you here engaging with us.

I have reached out to our team to solve this issue and I will report back as soon as I learn more.



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Currently spatial anchors do not have built-in support in Unreal. We are working on adding support in the future, though.



Thank you for answer.
So, is there an Unreal API that can access Magic Leap 2's camera stream?
It says this is also possible in Unity.

@bjinsu the Magic Leap Camera API is deprecated and will not be ported to support the Unreal Engine API. Instead, we recommend using the standard Android Camera API.

The Android Camera API allows you to access the Camera Image on the Magic Leap 2 the same way as you accessed it on a other AOSP devices. Camera  |  Android NDK  |  Android Developers


Thank you for the reply. I would like to ask a more specific question.

What I'm trying to do is not import photos from an album or take a photo.

I'm trying to do CV work by sending images coming from Magic Leap 2's camera to the server in real time.

Is this possible using the Android camera API?

@bjinsu Yes, the Android Camera API allows you to get the camera image which then you can stream to a server as seen on video chat applications available for Android. This can be done using WebRTC or a custom implementation.

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