Prescription Inserts - variety pack?

Hello, as the XR Interaction Designer at Nanome I have an ML2 unit and am working with it as part of my r&d efforts, potentially incubating it as a target platform for Nanome's product, but that is up to many factors.
I am having a big blocker though in demoing it to product and engineering, let alone possible users: I need a kit of prescription inserts. Not just 1 insert to a prescription, but a box that has lots of permutations so that a diverse set of folks can get a decent experience. I know you have something like that from seeing it at AWE and the link to purchase individual inserts shows images of what I want Magic Leap 2 Prescription Insert - Frame of choice

so question: how do I get a set of inserts like this:

is it through that link? or another method?


You have the correct link. To order the "Lens Kit" you will want to click the drop down (see image) and select "Lens Kit".

Ah, Thanks! That price tho :sweat_smile:

Do these need extra calibration or can they be hot swapped during use sessions?