Packaged application doesn't work on MagicLeap

Hi, I have developed an application for my MagicLeap. When I packaged it, everything went fine. When I uploaded it to the MagicLeap, everything went fine. But when I tried to start the application, the following error occured after a long time of loading..

error: mldb exited with code -117 stderr: Application ended with signal 'Segmentation fault'
mldb exited with code -117 stderr: Application ended with signal 'Segmentation fault' 

and the Crash Report outputs the following error message:

09-29 13:53:03.873  5108     1 F libc    : Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1, fault addr 0x0 in tid 1 (MA)

Are there any suggestions or hints for this issue?

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Happy to help with this, we just need more details about your application. Firstly, please uploaded the complete log.You can capture the logs running adb bug report or by saving the logs from the ML Hub.

Which application are you trying to build ?
Does the application crash and open to the splash screen ?
Are you using any external plugins?
Which features are you using on the Magic Leap?
Which version of the OS are you running and which version of the SDK are you building with ?

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Thanks for your efforts. Here is the complete log:
device_Log_20220930_1041_52.txt (158.6 KB)

  • I'm trying to build an application that I have developed for my master thesis.
  • When I start the application, I see a loading screen for a while. After some time, the loading screen disappears and I see the start screen of the MagicLeap.
  • No, I don't use external plugins
  • I use the camera for scanning the room.
  • I use 0.98.33 and MLSDK v0.26.0

Thanks in advance.

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