Optics Artifact / Banding

I am seeing pretty pronounced optic artifact / banding. It only shows in the headset, not in the mlcapture.
Would love to hear if others are seeing the same problem and what we can do to mitigate.

Here is a video that shows the banding / artifact. It's hard to capture as it's only noticeable in device.

We are seeing a soap / oil like effect on organic shapes, it is locked to the direction of the light. It's most noticeable when using a Lit sphere with 0.5 or higher smoothness. It is not subtle and jumps out on the type of geometry and textures we are using in our prototypes.

It's a pretty significant issue for the product / industrial design oriented audience I am building tools with. This artifact precludes using ML2 for in any kind of design review use case.

We've tried enabling dithering, enabling HDR, using uncompressed textures and smoothness set to 0, all to no effect. We don't see the effect with unlit textures.

It's easy to reproduce with a regular lit white sphere using the ML2 Unity Examples.

It's pretty obvious in the Hyperloop model in kali_enterprise demo.

This Unity issues seems like it describes something similar. It's marked fixed and we are using URP 14.03 and Unity 2020.2.b4, where it should be fixed.

I don't think this is Unity specific as it also shows in webxr and kali.


@westert , we're on this. I've asked internally what the causes may be. The video is very helpful, thanks. Stay tuned!

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