Canvas Frontplate shader does not work on ML2

Hello, I'm using MRTK 2.8.2 and MRTK Graphics Tools 0.4.0 in the project for both HL2 and ML2 platforms.
There I want to utilize the CanvasFrontplate shader (GraphicsTools/Canvas/Frontplate) since it allows me to highlight different parts of the canvas depending on the cursor position of the user.

This shader works correctly for the HL2 project which runs on Unity 2020.3.35f but doesn't work for ML2 (Unity 2022.2.0b16)
The shader compiles without any errors in ML2 project, it just simply does not work as intended. There is no highlight effect when the user tries to hover over the UI element affected.
This issue occurs in both Unity emulator and on the real device.
I'm not sure what could cause this issue to happen: Unity version, the shader itself or other reasons, so could you please help me to troubleshoot?

Unity Editor version: Unity 2022.2.0b16
ML2 OS version: Magic Leap App Simulator for Unity 3.5.0-230308.88.zi33b1927
MLSDK version: 1.3.0
MRTK version:

Thank you and best regards,

@d.trushkin I suggest updating your Unity version to the latest stable 2022.2 release. If that doesn't solve your issue, try setting your Depth Precision to 32 bit.

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