OpenXR Disable nearclip enforcement?

How do I disable the near clip enforcement ? The project I am working on has guns and aiming down sights isn't gonna work well with the minimum enforced near clip distance of .25... I tried to set the RenderSettings.enforceNearClip to false, but that didn't do anything :confused:

I am working with OpenXR btw...

The device prevents users from settings the clipping plane too close to prevent eye strain or discomfort when viewing content. That said, if you share more information about your use case I can provide your feedback to the voice of customer team.

Here is more information about the clipping plane and display zone on the Magic Leap 2: Display Zone Overview | MagicLeap Developer Documentation

And here is more information about the strain that can be caused when looking at objects that are too close to the user: Vergence-Accomodation Conflict | MagicLeap Developer Documentation

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I did read through all the documentation, I must say, it makes absolutely no sense to lock developers out of setting the near plane distance for our application. You could warn us about the potential issues of using a lower value than recommended, but the choice should be with the developer. This is pretty much make or break for a lot of potential projects that I could think of.

In my case, I am making a virtual gun range, How exactly is the user supposed to aim through the sights with a near clip distance of .25 ? The user most likely wouldn't be focusing on the sights, rather just looking through the sights, so the discomfort might not even be that much. Even if there was any discomfort, it is well traded for the functionality. Please allow us to decide for our own apps :slight_smile:

Also, I have a similar app installed on my device which allows me to bring the gun close to my eyes. So, there are apps out there that already does this..

@kbabilinski Would it be possible in some way to remedy this ? The app that I am building wouldn't work without this... and again, other apps on magic leap already allows the near clip to be way less than .25...

Thank you for that information. We constantly investigate ways to support the use cases of our customers, so your description has been very helpful. I have shared your feedback to our voice of customer team.

Regarding a solution, unfortunately we do not have any workaround at this time but if this changes we will highlight it in the release notes and developer newsletter.

Do you mind sharing which application does not enforce the near clip policy?

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