Near Clip Distance on Unreal Standalone

Is there a way to change the hardcoded near clip plane in Unreal Standalone?

I notice the 37cm limit in the plugin source code and I can modify it, and in remote rendering it is successfully bypassed, however in the Standalone app, the original 37cm limit remains.

I see a few posts saying this is a hardcoded limit. Has this been changed? 37cm is a great distance away from your face. I am currently making an FPS type game, and the weapon is cut in half, it completely destroys immersion.

I hope there is a way around this or this limit is removed. These devices are quite expensive :slight_smile:

Let me double check but I know that in the MLSDK APIs developers could read the minimum clipping plane value. User's can reduce the clipping plane to .25cmin from the Magic Leap 2's display settings.

Note, you should be careful with your content placement as focusing on a point at that distance can cause discomfort. Please see Vergence-Accomodation Conflict | MagicLeap Developer Documentation for more information.

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Currently Unreal Apps that run on the device do not support reading the dynamic value. Additionally, we are continuing to research how to support a variety of use cases while making sure the experience is comfortable for users.

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