ML2 Spatial Sound issue in Unity

Unity Editor version: Unity 2022.2.0b8
ML2 OS version:1.1.0
MLSDK version: 1.1.0
Host OS: (Windows/MacOS): Windows 10

I am using the Soundfield Audio Unity Plugin 3.2.2 to determine the location of a small object in relation to the player space. The player would always be no more than two meters away from the object. The plugin works perfect on the ML2 device. It is easy to tell whether an object is to my left or to my right. However, detecting when the object is front-above or front-below the player is difficult because the sound is similar when it is behind-above or behind-below the player. Is the audio plugin limited in any way or what changes do I need to make to the MLAudioSource/MLListener?

There should be no technical limitation other than the technology itself, above/below even front/back confusion are typical and might be HRTF related, if you can share with me the exact positions where you are placing the front-above and front-below source and the kind of audioclip you use (sine, noise, voice or even better the actual sound), I can ask our MSA tester to play with it and find out if there is anything wrong there...