About Magic Leap 2 Video Recording

@sengelman I have a question about the Magic Leap 2's photo or video recording capabilities.

With Magic Leap 1, it was not possible to take a photo or shoot video while running an application that uses the camera function, such as Image Tracking.
I believe this limitation was due to the fact that Magic Leap 1 has only one camera.

Can't the Magic Leap 2 also take a picture or shoot a video while using a function that uses the camera within an application as described above? Or is it possible to take a picture or shoot a video while using the camera function within the application?

By the way, I don't have a Magic Leap 2.

Sadao Tokuyama

I have marker tracking and video capture using adb mlcapture working at the same time on ML2 using Unity + MRTK. There is a slight offset in the recorded video


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To be clear and specific, there is one "RGB" camera accessible on ML2, but it has two "logical" interfaces — The Camera and the CVCamera. If the camera access is separated in this way, then yes, it is possible.