ML Assist - possibility to save a session / add some default files

Hello guys,

I have a few questions concerning the ML Assist application.

  1. Is it possible to save a session (save the 3D mesh, the transferred files)
  2. Is it possible to add some new default files to the file directory (as of now, there are some Sample Assets and some pdf-files)
    I would like to add some more glb-files and would like them to be stored locally, so they already exist whenever I open the application.

I'm trying to find an alternative way of showing 3D models with the possiblity of using ML Spectator.

Thanks in advance

Hi @BatuOx4S,

We made the decision with Assist, as a spotlight app and not a full product, that in the interest of privacy and security there would be no way to save uploaded files in the app. When a session ends, the room is torn down and everything deleted.

We'll be revisiting the notion of content persistence in future projects, which could ultimately find a way back to Workshop and Assist. I will keep you updated with any future changes.



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