"Space" application on ML2

Hi, I'm wondering if there is a such function that I can update the previous space that was scanned and saved? For example, I scanned and saved the space on ML2; however, one day later, I want to include more area in the previous scan. Is there a way to update the previously scanned space or I have to start over the entire scan?

Hello @ineedhelpty , the Spaces application currently has two methods of mapping. Local and Shared, the local refers to On-Device Localization and Shared refers to AR Cloud. On-Device Localization currently only allows you to create a new map from scratch while AR Cloud can allow for the concept you described, Map Merge.

In the future we will be previewing a mode similar for On-Device Localization but currently you will need to scan a new map or use AR Cloud to be able to merge and update the space incrementally.


Does in the future mean in 2023?